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Polypipe introduces a new way to heat homes and reduce energy bills

01 May 2014

Geothermal Pipe Systems, new from Polypipe.

Polypipe joins independent consumer campaign

03 March 2014

Polypipe Home Solutions is proud to be part of the independent consumer campaign, Ask For Underfloor, which was launched earlier this year to provide consumers with impartial advice on underfloor heating and its unique benefits. Read More...

A busy month for Polypipe Home Solutions

30 October 2013

The last few weeks have wrapped up a busy show season for Polypipe Home Solutions as the team headed to both the National Home Improvement Show and Grand Designs Live. Read More...

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Grand Designs Live, London

3 May 2014 to 11 May 2014

ExCeL Exhibition Centre, London

National Home Building & Renovation Show

27 March 2014 to 30 March 2014

NEC, Birmingham

Why not come along and see us at Grand Designs Live at the NEC Birmingham?

4 October 2013 to 6 October 2013

NEC Birmingham

House hunters prepared to pay more for a touch of luxury

10 June 2013

underfloor heating

Over 25 per cent of house hunters were happy to pay up to an extra £5000 for a property with features they considered aspirational according to the results of a new survey.

The desire for aspirational features is thought to have been trigged by the popularity of celebrity photo shoots and reality shows which offer us a peak into the glamorous homes of the rich and famous. Consumers are more aware than ever of the luxury features that can be installed in a modern home.

This awareness is drawing house hunters to homes which emulate the celebrity lifestyle by coming with a little added luxury: and a large proportion of them are prepared to pay more for a property with fittings they deem desirable.

An energy efficient home, a conservatory and underfloor heating were the most sought after aspirational features, the survey found.

A further four per cent of those surveyed said they would happily part with £12,500 or more extra for a home that included these fittings

Polypipe Home Solutions commissioned the survey to look into the purchasing habits of British house hunters and surveyed 1,020 people who had moved house in the last three years or were looking to move in the near future.

Along with the fairly practical top three answers, there were also some slightly more extravagant suggestions. These included the celebrity staple of the walk in wardrobe, a set of stables and a garden complete with hot tub.

A balcony overlooking a large garden and a kitchen diner were another two features often seen in celebrity magazines which made it into the top ten along with mood lighting and a Jacuzzi bath.

Unsurprisingly, in the wealthier regions of London and the South East the premium that people were willing to pay increased. In these areas 40 per cent of those surveyed were happy to pay over £5000 for a home with aspirational fittings.

Although some of these fixtures are considered luxury items, some are in-fact surprisingly affordable and efficient.  

Underfloor heating from Polypipe Home Solutions can be installed in almost any home and it’s more effective than a radiator-based system as it delivers a more even, comfortable temperature to a room too. 

Other features which were popular with respondents were a home with a double garage or air conditioning.

The survey was conducted on behalf of Polypipe Home Solutions by Censuswide.

Top ten aspirational features house hunters are searching for:

  1. A house that’s energy efficient
  2. Conservatory
  3. Underfloor heating
  4. A double garage
  5. Air conditioning
  6. Jacuzzi bath
  7. Mood lighting
  8. Kitchen/diner
  9. Balcony overlooking a large garden
  10. A modern interior

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